BANKRUPTCY CLINICS - Click Here for more information
Bankruptcy attorneys from the local Bankruptcy Bar Association staff pro se clinics throughout the Southern District at various locations.  In Miami, the clinics are usually on the second Friday of the month at the U.S. Bankruptcy Courthouse from 12-2pm. After 45 minute video there is a ? & a workshop to help pro se debtors.  No appointment necessary.  Walk ins always welcome.
WILLS ON WHEELS CLINICS - We take a team of probate lawyers to a location where needy residents learn about probate and the effect of dying without a will.  Upon request, qualifying clients will receive a will and related documents.
IMMIGRATION CLINICS - Click Here for more information
In partnership with the DCBA Immigration Law Committee, AIJ, CABA, Catholic Legal Services and local immigration agencies, attorneys fill out forms, staff clinics and may appear in immigration proceedings on behalf of children and/or others. Upon request, we provide training, mentors and materials to guide volunteers through this process.
SMALL CLAIMS CLINICS - Click Here for more information
Bi-monthly Clinic for pro se litigants seeking advice from pro bono attorneys, 100% law firms and in-house counsel on how to proceed pro se in conjunction with LSGMI and Put Something Back. One on one consults and referrals to other agencies.
VETERANS CLINICS– Pro bono attorneys assist with intake and screening and accept cases for qualifying veterans. We hold clinics for Veterans at different locations on various topics.
ARTISTS, NON PROFITS & START UP CLINICS– Mix meet and mingle with emerging artists, creative collaborations and start ups at launchpads and other spaces featuring workshops on diverse topics designed to aid those in need of  free business tune ups without means to hire counsel. Click here for the next Clinic for Creatives.
LANDLORD TENANT CLINICS– Attorneys enjoy rolling up their sleeves and interviewing prospective Landlord Tenants clients on Friday mornings 9 am- noon at 123 NW 1 Ave. Spanish and Creole Speakers Welcome!
TO RSVP OR FOR MORE INFO (305) 579-5733 ext. 2252